Items In A Free Move

Items Our Movers Can Move (Free move Offer is valid only in DFW metroplex)

All Packing must be complete before our Movers Arrive.
Please note each Floor above 2nd Floor is $25

Please call 214-427-6600 if you have further questions or special Items not listed below:

Living Room Furniture:
Two couches or loveseat or sectional sofa (sleep away $5 charge)
Coffee table
Two end tables
Television (32″ screens or less)
Entertainment center or TV Stand (all items must be removed)
Two large chairs
One ottoman
Two Speaker Stands

Dinning Room Furniture:
One dining room table with 6 chairs

Bedroom Furniture:
(Number per bedroom)
One set of mattresses
One headboard and footboard
One bed frame
One chest of drawers (all items must be removed)
One-dresser with Mirror (all items must be removed)
One television (27″ screens and less)
Two night stand

Other Items:
Three lamps
Two barstools
Two speakers
One computer table
Two bookshelves
One Vacuum Cleaner
One Fan
Twenty Five one-man boxes (per bedroom in the new lease)
If you lease 1 bedroom = 25 boxes;
If you lease 2 bedroom = 35 boxes;
If you lease 3 bedroom = 40 boxes;
If you lease 4 bedroom = 50 boxes; .
(Boxes must be taped top and bottom; 50lb limit per box)

Fees for Additional Items:
(Other items upon request)
Washer and dryer $12 ($6 each)
Extra boxes $1 each
Additional Speaker Stand $4 each
Extra tables $3 each
Extra chairs $2 each
Glass tops $2 each
Weight bench $10
Big Screen TV $25 (> 32″ screen)
Recliner $3
Extra couch $8
Extra lamps $4
Bike $3
Extra television $3 (less than 21″ screen)
Extra television $10 (more than 21″ and less than 32″ screen)
BBQ pit $5
Items over Balconies $25
China Cabinets $10
Extra Microwave $4
Refrigerator (Double Door) $30
Refrigerator Small $20
Each Floor above 2nd Floor $20

If you have special needs or you have Items which needs to be moved but you do not find them here you can talk to our Movers and ask for the prices. For any additional items you are required to make a payment directly to movers and will be due at the time of Move.

If you are moving which is more than 20 miles, there is charge of $1.00 per mile each way. If you have additional drop off or pick up location there is a $20 surcharge per additional location.
$50/hour Waiting Time rounded to the nearest quarter hour (for example, when the movers are waiting for you to sign your lease, get your keys, or just waiting for you to arrive at a pickup or drop-off location.) If you have a long distance walk from the parking area to the apartment in excess of 75 feet there will be a charge of $25.00 per 100 feet.

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