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  • Search for an apartment, townhome or condo on Classik Management. View photos, floor plans, maps and prices.

    If needed, we will escort you to the property to help you get around town. (To get the Classik Management or Rental Rebate, you must let the property involved know you are using Classik Management as your referral source).


Guest Card And Rental Application

  • Before visiting a property, you must call Classik Management so that if needed we can register you with the apartment complex before your first visit.

    On your first phone call or when visiting the property they will ask you “How did you find us or hear about us?” and they will need to fill out a guest card.Please make sure you list Classik Management on the guest card, lease application and lease agreement as your referring source.


Let Us Know You Leased An Apartment And Listed Classik Management!

  • Fill out our On-Line Rent Rebate Form Below. It’s That Easy…..We will mail The Rebate Check In the Mail To Your New Address

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