How To Qualify

To Qualify for Your FREE MOVE of up to $200 CASH Back

Its A No Brainer!

  • Everyone benefits by using our service. You get a list of apartments which meets your criteria and of course its free of cost to you plus you get a Free Move of up to $200 Cash back your choice while the Property you choose to live in gains a new lease (resident) plus you still receive any special promotions, incentives, discounts and lease rates offered by the apartment complex.

What to do to receive up to $200 cash back or a free move of up to $200

  • You MUST write “Classik  Management” as the referring party on your apartment registration, Guest card and on Lease.

You MUST confirm that you have read and agree to all the conditions below BEFORE your Free Move of up to $200 Cash back can be scheduled and confirmed. This is a free service to you! The apartment community where you will move pays us for sending them new and qualified residents like you.

Please Follow these simple steps below and you are on your way for a Free Move of up to $200 Cash back If you have any questions please call us at 214-427-6600 or 1-866-388-2690.

  • Or you can call us at 214-427-6600 or 1-866-388-2690 and we will customize a search and then send the information to you via E-mail or via Fax

You must list “Classik Management” as the referrer or locator on all the Guest card, application and Lease.

You must sign at least a 6-month lease.

You cannot be transferring to a sister property.

You cannot be transferring (onsite transfer) within the same property.

You cannot break your lease.

If you choose to move yourself, “ Classik Management” will reimburse you up to $200 cash back as long as you have listed “Classik Management” on the apartment application and guest card, provided your rent is at least $500 and we receive at least 50% of your one month’s rent. If your rent is less than $500 or apartment complex pays less than 50% of your one month’s rent then we will give you $100 cash back”

  • After you submit an application, call us at 214-427-6600 or 1-866-388-2690 and schedule your free move ( up to $200 Cash back ). Then we will call the apartment complex and verify with them that you put our name as a referral source and once its done, We will call you and confirm you move. For the cash back, contact us after your move to your new apartment. “

Make sure to write “Classik Management” ON THE APARTMENT APPLICATION OR OTHER FORMS AS THE REFERRER. All parties must write “Classik Management” on these forms otherwise they will be disqualified from this offer.

Our Classik Management Locators will find you great apartments and
move you into your new apartment!